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COMEX Micro Gold Futures Streaming Chart

New customers receive FREE CME Futures quotes and
up to
S$888 cash rewards

*T&C apply. **Ads has not been reviewed by MAS.

Pain points in gold futures trading

  • Expensive market data

  • High commissions, thin short-term profits

  • Rapid market changes make it difficult to capture

  • Crashes, disconnections, high latency

  • Lack of technical support

DAFS got you covered

  • New customers enjoy free COMEX Gold Futures market data, plus receive up to S$888 sign-up rewards

  • COMEX Gold Futures all-inclusive fees at US$2.62, Micro US$0.85

  • Support ladder orders, cloud stop-loss and other professional order functions to help you quickly respond to market changes

  • Four trans-Pacific cables directly connect to exchanges, ensuring stability and speed

  • Support for API trading, Co-Location services, eligible users may qualify for free access.

COMEX Gold Futures GC.png

COMEX Gold Futures

Renowned as a cornerstone in global financial markets, COMEX Gold Futures are instrumental in shaping investment strategies worldwide. Traded primarily on the U.S. futures market, alongside London's spot market and Shanghai Gold Exchange, gold emerges as a beacon of stability during economic turbulence. Its allure extends beyond adornment, with half of global consumption allocated to jewelry and 40% earmarked for investment. The top gold-producing nations, including China, Australia, Russia, Canada, and the United States, fuel this demand. Conversely, leading consumers like India, China, the United States, Saudi Arabia, and Germany drive the market's vitality.

Navigating COMEX Gold Futures offers a strategic advantage for investors. These financial contracts, standardized with precise specifications, empower traders to buy or sell gold at predetermined prices on future dates. Within the COMEX ecosystem, where each contract represents 100 ounces of gold, investors harness the potential for both investment and hedging. Amidst market uncertainties, such as inflation or economic volatility, COMEX Gold Futures provide a robust shield, ensuring financial resilience and security.

COMEX Gold Futures Margin and Commission
Product Name (Code)
Initial Margin*
Maintenance Margin*
COMEX Gold Futures (GC)
USD 0.90
USD 9,130
USD 8,300
COMEX E-mini Gold Futures (QO)
USD 0.45
USD 4,565
USD 4,150
COMEX Micro Gold Futures (MGC)
USD 0.23
USD 913
USD 830
COMEX Gold Futures Contract Specs
Product Name
Gold Futures
E-mini Gold Futures
Micro Gold Futures
Product Code
Contract Unit
100 troy ounces
50 troy ounces
10 troy ounces
Price Quotation
Minimum Price Fluctuation
0.10 = USD10.00
0.25 = USD12.50
0.10 = USD1.00
Trading Hours (CT)
17:00 - 16:00 the next day
17:00 - 16:00 the next day
17:00 - 16:00 the next day
USD 9,130
USD 4,565
USD 913
Settlement Method
Financially Settled
Last Trading Day
Third last business day of the contract month.
Third last business day of the month prior to the contract month.
Third last business day of the contract month.
Listed Contracts
Monthly contracts listed for 3 consecutive months, any Feb, Apr, Aug, Oct in the nearest 23 months and any Jun and Dec in the nearest 72 months
Monthly contracts (Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec) falling within a 24-month period for which a 100 troy ounce Gold Futures contract is listed.
Monthly contracts listed for any Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, and Dec in the nearest 24 months

*Remarks: Margin requirement will vary according to exchange standards, last updated on: 2024-04-01

Advantages of COMEX Micro Gold Futures

Initial margin

USD 913

Leverage up to 20 times



High trading volume

Extremely low commission

All-inclusive fee USD 0.85

LV2 CME market data for new customers

Free price quotes


contract size

Higher flexibility


gold option

Unlocking more strategies

COMEX Micro Gold Futures Trading.png

Gold Futures Trading Profit and Loss Calculation

Example of COMEX Gold Futures (GC)
For instance: Buying one contract of gold futures at 1960.5 and selling to close at 1953.8
The trading profit or loss is: (1953.8 - 1960.5) / 0.1 * $10 = -$670

Example of COMEX Micro Gold Futures (MGC)
For instance: Selling one contract of micro gold futures at 1923 and buying to close at 1910.5
The trading profit or loss is: (1923 - 1910.5) / 0.1 * $1 = +$125

Comparison Between Gold ETFs and Gold Futures
Investment Product
Gold ETFs
Gold Futures
Investment Method
Purchasing gold ETF stocks to track changes in the price of gold.
Gold futures are futures contracts that are based on the price of physical gold.
Trading Platform
Stock exchanges
Futures exchanges
Investor Risk Appetite & Needs
A suitable strategy for buy-and-hold investors is to own gold assets without the need to directly hold physical gold, making it an excellent choice.
Suitable for advanced strategies such as hedging, arbitrage, and short-term trading, especially T+0 trading strategy.
Low barriers to entry, good liquidity, and lower management fees.
T+0 trading, good liquidity, long and short trading, leveraged trading, trading nearly 24 hours.
Not suitable for short-term trading.
The operations are more complex, and novice investors are prone to losses.

Receive FREE CME Futures quotes + up to S$888 cash rewards

*T&C apply. **Ads has not been reviewed by MAS.

The cost-effective trading platform for futures trading






USD 1.00




As low as USD 0.08

USD 0.99 - 25.00






(Eligible Client)

Extra Charge






4 Trans-Pac Cables

Colo VIP Service

Slow & Unstable

Choice of professional futures traders

DAFS Trader Trading Account Opening Step 1

DAFS Trader Trading Account Opening Step 2

Download DAFS Trader, and on the "Discover" page, click on "Open Account".

Enter your mobile number and verification code, submit the relevant information, agree the statements, and complete the trading account opening process.

On the "Me" page, click on "Live". Enter your account and password.

On the "Market" page, click on the upper-left corner "Main Contract", select the tradable futures contract, and you can start trading.

New customers receive FREE CME Futures quotes and
up to
S$888 cash rewards

*T&C apply. **Ads has not been reviewed by MAS.

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