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Who We Are?

DA International, founded in 2011 in HKSAR, is a Licensed Corporation that provides integrated financial services with proprietary technology. We are devoted to providing investment solutions from services to trading platforms for our clients.

Today, our clients can access our trading platform for global stocks and futures markets in HK, the US, and SG.

DA Group Family Members

Our Story
"Born for Trading".

DA's founders bring over 20 years of trading experience and a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Their passion for trading dates back to their youth, and it is this unwavering enthusiasm that drives DA to excel in the industry. Recognizing the need for affordable trading options, Founders were determined to create a platform that would not burden traders with exorbitant commission fees.

In the early days, charging $20 for trading one futures contract was a significant expense that could eat into profits. With a dedication to dealing with this pain, DA continues to revolutionize the trading landscape and empower professional traders to thrive in the market by offering a low-friction commission scheme. This is our story, "Born for Trading".

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Why Choose DA?

Because you pay less for more.

Pay less for more

When it comes to trading, every penny saved counts. That's why our platform stands out with its zero platform fee and low commissions. For regular contracts, you only pay $0.3 per contract, and for micro contracts, it's as low as $0.08 per contract. In contrast, other brokers charge a $1 platform fee and hefty commissions ranging from US$0.99 to US$25 per contract. With our competitive pricing, you can trade with confidence and focus on maximizing your profits. 

High Capital Utilization

We have implemented an intelligent margin system that is based on the Span calculation. This innovative approach allows for improved capital utilization and trading efficiency in futures trading. For example, if you were to purchase a min - Nasdaq contract and sell a min - S&P contract at the same time, you are required to pay the margin deposit of both without SPAN. However, in the case of SPAN, your margin requirement will be much less than the double-counted case above. 

Pro serves Pro

As a professional in the trading industry, you understand the importance of speed and consistency.  We take pride in being one of the few futures traders with up to FOUR direct trans-Pacific leased lines to the CME. This enables us to offer unparalleled access to global markets and ensures that you can trade seamlessly, every second of every day. In addition to our commitment to speed, we also offer free API access for qualified program traders. This allows them to leverage advanced algorithms and systems to maximize their trading strategies.

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