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   DA Financial Service (S) Pte. Ltd.    

 makes transactions more assured. 

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In order to ensure the safety of your assets and transactions,  DA Financial Service (S) Pte. Ltd. proposes the following security precautions:

1. Please make sure to download the online trading software from the  DA Financial Service (S) Pte. Ltd. website.

2. Please strengthen the protection of important information such as fund account numbers, shareholder account numbers, and transaction passwords; it is recommended not to set your ID number, phone number, birthday, name pinyin, etc. too simple numbers and letters as passwords; passwords should be updated frequently; When entering the password, prevent others from peeking; do not disclose your password to others.

3. Do not visit illegal websites or websites without security guarantees, do not open emails from unknown sources, and install untested software, in case of infection with Trojan horses or other viruses and passwords stolen by malicious programs

4. Please install reliable anti-virus software and firewall software, and update the software version in time, regularly check and kill Trojan horses and other viruses; anti-virus software and firewall software should use genuine software from well-known anti-virus and firewall software manufacturers.

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