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Our Clients Say

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Individual investment clients

 "I have opened an account with DA Financial for more than ten years, and I have witnessed the continuous improvement, optimization, and expansion of platform functions. The software is easy to operate, and the design of the mobile APP is also very suitable for futures trading. I have traded futures for many years, and DA is the trading platform I am most satisfied with."

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High Net Worth Clients

 "I learned about DA through the CME Exchange. DA Financial is a clearing member of CME and has high reliability. 
Since I have some special trading needs, I communicated with the account manager in detail about the appeal. After understanding my needs, the technical staff quickly proposed a solution. I am very satisfied with the service and will continue to cooperate in the future. "

Financial District

High Frequency Trading Clients
***** Trading Ltd

“Due to the large number of transactions per day, stability and commission charges are the most important considerations for us in choosing a platform.  The programmatic trading transactions are smooth, and the speed is also satisfactory. DA's tiered commission structure also saves us a lot of transaction costs. "

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