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Account Opening Discount,
Gift Package up to $500


Real-Time LV2
Futures Quotes

Promotion 1

Real-time LV2 market data worth HK$1,500

During the event, those who successfully complete the online futures account opening and activate the account will receive the following offer

CME and Eurex 6-month real-time futures quotes
Worth about

stock and futures

Promotion 2

Futures commission coupons worth HK$1,500

During the event, those who successfully complete the online futures account opening and activate the account, and the first month’s deposit reaches the corresponding amount can receive

Commission-Free Coupons of the corresponding amount.

Account opening discount requirements
First month deposit

Deposit Amount
Commission Free Coupon
Person Analyzing Graphs On Screen

Unmatched commissions, every Trade!

At  DA Financial Service (S) Pte. Ltd. , we are committed to delivering the best pricing to all investors. 

Unmatched commissions, every Trade!

 DA Financial
Only $0.23
TD Ameritrade
Interactive Brokers
$99/month fee

* apply to CME micro e-mini contracts

* commission and fee data as of August 18, 2023

0 platform fees for futures trading

Fixed Price
US Futures (NQ, YM, ES)
US Micro (MNQ, MYM, MES)
US Micro (MCL, MGC)
HK Futures (HSI)
HK Futures (HMI)

*The fixed price includes exchange fees

futures fees

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Your Trusted Trading Partner

Monetary Authority of Singapore
(Licence No. CMS101371)


futures awards


Multi-award winner

1. Recognized by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a "Model Chinese Futures Broker" for many years.

2. Has won more than 30 awards in 12 years of operation.

3. Awarded "TOP 5 Chinese Futures Broker" by SGX for consecutive years.

Modern Architecture

Join over 10,000 happy users!

Pay less for more

When it comes to trading, every penny saved counts. That's why our platform stands out with its zero platform fee and low commissions. For regular contracts, you only pay $0.3 per contract, and for micro contracts, it's as low as $0.08 per contract.  In contrast, other brokers charge a $1 platform fee and hefty commissions ranging from US$0.99 to US$25 per contract. With our competitive pricing, you can trade with confidence and focus on maximizing your profits.

High Capital Utilization

We have implemented an intelligent margin system that is based on the Span calculation. This innovative approach allows for improved capital utilization and trading efficiency in futures trading. For example, if you were to purchase a min - Nasdaq contract and sell a min - S&P contract at the same time, you are required to pay the margin deposit of both without SPAN. However, in the case of SPAN, your margin requirement will be much less than the double-counted case above. 

Pro serves Pro

As a professional in the trading industry, you understand the importance of speed and consistency.  We take pride in being one of the few futures traders with up to 4 direct trans-Pacific lanes to the CME. This enables us to offer unparalleled access to global markets and ensures that you can trade seamlessly, every second of every day. In addition to our commitment to speed, we also offer API access for qualified program traders. 

App Features

Making Your Investment Easier Anytime, Anywhere
Make Futures Investing Accessible for All

A team discussion at a trading room
DA futures app software
Blockchain Developer

Global Markets Access

 Connects the most liquidate futures markets right from the palm of your hand. Manage your positions at your fingertips in one account. 

Smart Charting

Leverage our intuitive, cutting-edge charting tools for a seamless transaction experience on-the-go.

Rapid & Easy Order Entry

Simplify your trading process with our rapid order entry feature and submit order with speed and precision.

Contact Us

6 Raffles Quay #16-01, Singapore 048580 

 Tel: +65 63799415

Thanks for submitting!

Promotion description:
1. Direct access to international futures account opening offers, deposit up to HK$3,000 worth of commission coupons and real-time LV2 market information.
2. Event time: December 12, 2022 and after, while supplies last.
3. Applicable group: New customers before 00:00 on December 12, 2022 (only residents of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas).
4. The event discount gift package can only be received by the first 50 new account users.

Terms and Conditions: 1. New user definition: Customers who do not have any direct international futures investment account. 2. Account opening definition: Users who submit account opening information to Zhida International, deposit HKD 10,000 or its equivalent, and successfully activate their account. 3. Definition of deposit: The customer transfers and deposits funds from his or her personal bank account with the same name to the designated bank account of Direct International. After the customer initiates a deposit and withdrawal notification, the funds are successfully deposited into his Direct International account after fund settlement and approval. 4. On the first day after the futures account is activated, CME and European Exchange quotations will begin to be given away. The month of activation will be regarded as the first quotation giving month. The 6-month quotations are given in natural monthly form. 5. Conditions for obtaining commission-free coupons: You must deposit the corresponding amount within 31 days after submitting account opening information, and you can enjoy the corresponding amount of commission-free coupons. 6. Use of commission-free coupons: Commissions will be automatically deducted from commission-free coupons, including exchange fees. The conditions and method of deduction are: it will be returned to the futures account in cash on the 90th day after the account is activated. Customers need to conduct transactions in the first three months, and the portion of the customer's transactions that does not exceed the amount of commission-free coupons will be refunded directly. For example, if you deposit HKD 100,000 in the first month, a transaction commission of HKD 1,200 will be generated within 90 days of activation, and HKD 1,000 will be directly returned to the account. If a transaction commission of HKD 800 is generated within 90 days of activation, Direct will refund HKD 800. 7. Prize value description: One month of CME real-time market non-professional version is worth 31.2 US dollars, XEurex real-time market value is 1 euro, the exchange rate of US dollar to Hong Kong dollar is calculated as 1:7.8, and the exchange rate of euro to Hong Kong dollar is calculated as 1:7.7. 8. The API is free and open, and the monthly trading volume must reach 1,000 lots. *

Special statement: 1. The above activity discounts are subject to the terms and conditions. If there is any dispute, Direct International reserves the right to interpret and make the final decision on this activity. Direct International reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the offer, change or terminate any offer within the scope of legal requirements without prior notice. 2. This promotion and corresponding advertisements do not constitute an offer, solicitation, suggestion, opinion or any guarantee for any securities, financial products or instruments. Please read the relevant risk disclosure before investing. 3. Zhida International has the right to interpret and make the final decision on this event. For more questions, please follow the official WeChat official account or call the Zhida International customer service hotline 00852-3919 9110 or 400-119-8833. 4. If there is any violation of regulations and malicious behavior to obtain rewards, Zhida International has the right to withdraw or not issue relevant rewards.

Disclaimer: 1. Before making any investment decision, investors should consider the risk factors related to investment products based on their own circumstances and consult professional investment advisors when necessary. 2. Investment involves risks, and futures prices may rise or fall. The risk of loss in trading futures can be extremely high. In certain circumstances, you may suffer losses in excess of the amount of margin initially deposited. You may be required to deposit additional margin at short notice. If the required amount is not provided within the specified time, your open position may be liquidated. However, you are still responsible for any resulting shortfall in your account. Therefore, you should study and understand futures contracts before trading, and carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you based on your own investment experience, financial situation and investment objectives. You should also seek independent investment advice first. 3. Within the scope permitted by law, Direct International reserves the right to change these terms and conditions/or change and terminate any offers. For other questions, please contact customer service.

Risk warning: 1. Investment is risky, so be cautious when trading! 2. When engaging in securities investment or futures trading, please proceed through a legal securities and futures operating institution.

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